Who I am

Ironically romantic, bizarre, eclectic, creator of compositions visible to the naked eye, red hair.

In the age of reason, I escape from the Roman suburbs and take refuge in the countryside, followed by a German shepherd (or vice versa).

I choose a small town north of Rome, a medieval village with a forest around which the Treja river flows.

I move at ease, inebriate myself with the scents of the undergrowth, exchange wild boar cubs for soft toys, run away from Maremma shepherds, refine my innate introspection (misanthropy every other day).

I live nature without filters, I walk in the woods with the acolyte of dogs that always accompanies me, I dip my feet in the river, I smell the earth with greed.

I observe the compositions and harmonies that nature performs with great skill.

I get lost in the smallest details and I find myself collecting the elements that will later become my personal representations of nature itself, of what she had unknowingly inspired me. Subliminal persuasions.

I start by trying different types of adhesives, until I find the resin and I start experimenting.

In 2015, at the end of yet another employment contract, I exhibit my creations in the craft markets and to my great surprise the whole wheel starts to turn.

It satisfies me to create compositions, to stop time, to enlarge defects, to change the shape of things. I like the abstract idea of ​​wearing the pattern of a leaf, the veins of a petal, transforming the onion skin into a precious gem.

Changing the roles of things, defusing visual habits.

In the Bizarre Epoque there is all this, if you have come this far it is clear that you can see it.